About: Who We Are

We are a group of creative storytellers who care, with a shared drive to inspire progress and make a positive impact using strategy, content, design, and technology.

Michelle Molin

Marketing & Brand Strategist, Social Psychologist, Writer

Michelle Molin, Founder of Organic Communications, is an award-winning writer, marketing strategist, brand strategist and Social Psychologist. She started Organic with the intention of bringing visionaries back into their own visions and creating communications strategies that buildpersonal relationships based on a foundation of mutual benefit, respect, shared progress and social science. Michelle has 20+ years of experience in advertising and integrated marking and has contributed to the creation and growth of some of the world’s largest brands including Avon, IBM, Tampax, MLBPA, Seiko and Pulsar, as well as some of its smallest.

Fred Wellman

Public Relations & Media Communications Director

Fred Wellman is Senior Advisor for Veterans Affairs for The Liberty Project. He served in the U.S. Army for 22-years as an aviator and public affairs officer including four combat tours over Operation’s Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. He was spokesman for General’s David Petraeus and Martin Dempsey in Iraq before embarking on a civilian career as an entrepreneur and veterans advocate. Recently, he served as Administrative Chief of Staff of a COVID Field Hospital in New York City staffed by military special operations veterans. He is Ranger qualified and a graduate of West Point and the Harvard Kennedy School. In addition to his Lincoln Project work he advises corporations, nonprofits and political campaigns on their veteran’s outreach, programs and policy initiatives.

David Shao

Creative Director

David Shao has been designing business solutions with digital technologies for more than 15 years. Starting his career in New York City, he has extensive experience designing and developing interactive multimedia, internet and mobile projects. His work is mainly focused on delivering creative business-driven, customer-centric, branded interface solutions. Notable clients include American Express, British Airways, CBS, Estee Lauder, GE, Hilton, IBM, Intel, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, Seiko, and SONY.

Brian Robbins

Technical Director, Code Ninja

Brian has been developing websites and web apps for nearly two decades. He has experience with a large variety of web technologies and a deep understanding of how they fit into the vast and ever-expanding digital universe. A veteran of the promotions and digital marketing industry, Brian has been involved in all stages of website and application development process from concept to code for many national brands, including Hanes, Staples, Charmin, Rite-Aid, the NFL, Pillsbury, Marriot Hotels, and more. His work with Organic allows him to share this expertise with small and medium businesses, giving them a competitive edge.

Bob Intravaia

Head of Development

Bob Intravaia loves helping people plan, optimize, and launch new websites. He received his bachelor’s degree from School of Visual arts earning the highest score possible on his final portfolio in Graphic Design. Since the Internet took off he has been coding cutting edge interactive content, banners, and Websites. He enjoys the challenges of the never-ending cycle of learning new code and pushing the limitations of platforms as they continue to evolve. While digital development is his primary job function by day, Bob also enjoys spending time with his family. He is also passionate about rescuing dogs and spends a lot of his free time making sure they enjoy their lives to the fullest.